Analyse means showing engagement (a personal connection) with the text as a reader and discussing specified aspects (including structure, theme, title, character, language techniques, setting) of the text offering supporting points with detailed reference (examples & quotations) to the text. The discussion should be communicated clearly and coherently (intro, well structured paragraphs, conclusion, accurate word choice, sentence structure, spelling and punctuation).

QUESTION - How do I ANALYSE a text?

ANSWER - Know all the key aspects of the text

Plot Structure (novel) OR Content Structure (autobiography)

How does the text begin? How do the key events of the text develop? What’s the climax or turning point? What leads up to the climax? How are the events in text resolved?

Themes/Key Ideas
What are the issues/what is the author’s purpose in writing this text? How are these ideas made clear in the text? What does this text tell us about real life?

Title -
What clues does it give? How does it link to the themes/key ideas in text?

Characters (novel) OR Individuals (autobiography)
What are their main characteristics? How/why do they change? Is there internal or external conflict?
How are the characters/individuals important to the themes/key ideas?

Language Use
What is the narrative viewpoint/from whose point of view is the narrative told? Is it descriptive?
How does the author use imagery? How does the author use figurative language – similes, metaphors, personification, symbolism?

Setting -
What is the setting in time? What is the setting in place? What is the social setting? Does the setting affect the mood of the novel? Does it impact on the characters? Does it influence the theme/key ideas extended written text?