Aunt Tara
“The Man I would have married,” Tara about the man she would have married.
“I didn’t think he recognised me,” Tara about the man she would have married.
“We were all judged by what Anita did” – “My parents were so ashamed…it killed them,” Tara to Michael
“I didn’t reject my family, my family rejected me,” Anita to Michael
“Spends her life justifying a decision she made at 20,” Michael about his Mum
“My family was only going to be mum and me…until I met you,” Michael to Tara
“You don’t know what it’s like not knowing a whole side of your life,” Michael
“Have you seen a Dr?” Tara. “It’s not something I chose,” Michael about his gayness
“She can’t accept that I’m gay” Michael about Tara
“You let yourself be shunned, I won’t” Michael to Anita
Mrs Hall wants to learn to cook Chicken Karma – “Stuck in our ways”
“I can manage on my own” – sisters as stubborn as each other
“My whole life has changed… everything changed when you walked in here pregnant” Lorna to Virginia
“He died of shame,” about Tara and Anita’s father
“Your son is a big Fing looser.” “Get out or I will call the police” Lorna to Barry

“I know I keep letting you down” “You just want me to sit here and rot”
“You still believe in luck” Mr Tran
“Working 16 hours a day my friend is real luck” Mr Tran

“Reminds me of Eric” – Michael’s father died when he was 2. “We’ll call him Mohinder” Older Indian lady giving Michael an Indian name

Mothers and Sons
Barry -“You can’t bear anything to change” “ you treat him like a child” Virginia to Lorna about Barry
“Mum, he’s not dad,” Virginia to Lorna about Barry
Anita is “mistress of spices”

Mothers and Daughters
“I don’t eat dairy.” Virginia to Lorna “Why didn’t you tell me you were having a black baby?” Lorna to Virginia
“Why do you put me in these situations?” Lorna about the black baby
“You haven’t needed me since you were 10. Barry only wants me for my money,” Lorna about her children. LORNA
“The shop’s her life” about Lorna
“Mum opened it 52 years ago” Lorna about her cake shop
“Tasteless stodge” – describing Lorna’s cooking
“Are you waiting for Earnest Adams to make an offer?” about selling the bakery
“I’m not selling to the Vietnamese.” Lorna to Barry
“Why can’t you do anything normal?” Lorna to Virginia
“You have no idea what he’s been through!” Lorna about Barry
“We’ve all been through stuff mum.”
“Can you smell the garlic?” Lorna about bakery down the road